40% Model Wind Tunnel


The model scale wind tunnel is used in early phases of vehicle development, to test new measurement devices before implementation in the Full scale wind tunnel, and for more specific studies for analysis and understanding of phenomena. With its very accurate six component balance, it is also perfectly suited to any type of aerodynamic study (bike, ship, building, etc.)..

The wind tunnel is designed for scaled models (1/5th to 2/5th scale) or any other item of size compatible with the size of the test section with:

A 3/4 open jet test section

A 3.8 m2 test flow section

A maximum wind speed  of 240 Km / h

A six components balance for the measurement of the aerodynamic loads

The detailed characteristics of the wind tunnel are summarized in the following tables:

Tunnel 3/4 open
Nozzle section 3,84 m² (2,6 x 1,47)
Plenum length (between veils) 9,3 m
Plenum width (between veils) 6,6 m
Testing room length 5,6 m
Plenum height 4,15 m
Max. windspeed >240 km/h
Contraction coefficient 6
Control volume (ref=center of turntable)
-1,2 m < X < +1,2 m
-0,6 m < Y < +0,6 m
-0,1m < Z < +1 m

Flow uniformity @160 km/h < 0,5 %
Angular deviation < 0,25° XY and XZ
Turbulence rate < 0,4 %
Static pressure gradient along X axis (Y=0, Z=0.25 m) < 0,0025/m from -1,2m to +1,2m< 0,01/m from +1,2m to +2,2m
Boundary layer’s displacement thickness 6 mm succion OFF; 3 mm succion ON

Dimensions 32 m x 11 m
Overall length 88m

Max. power 700 kW
Speed @ 240 km/h 700 rpm
Diameter 3,32 m
Number of blades (rotor) 9
Blades length 0,66 m
Number of blades (stator) 8


TURN TABLE (crosswind simulation) :
Diameter 2,8 m
Angle +/- 30 °

Temperature control 15 ° – 35 °C  +/- 1°C