Pressure and velocity measurement in the wind tunnel controlled volume thanks to a 3D traversing system mount


Peigne tomographie

Four types of probes can be used according to the investigation locations :

  • Omnidirectional 18hole probes are mounted one by one or by three, especially for large measurement surface, per example in the wake of the studied body.
  • An L-shaped probe of the same kind is available for lateral zones that have 3D flow characteristics, such as under carriages, external rear view mirrors or wheels surrounding.
  • A conical 7hole head probe, more compact, can be installed or be displaced in more confined aeras (wheel housing, wall proximity, etc…)
  • A mini 7hole probe is also available to access extra narrow zones (brake systems, engine cooling exchangers, etc…)


Examples of standard post processing


Examples of specific post processing : YZ planes downstream a sedan car