Full scale overtaking manoeuvres simulation device

  • A specific module has been created to simulate the presence of a tractor trailer truck on the line next to the tested car.
  • A traversing system automatically translates the module during the measurement sequence.
  • A 6component balance measures the aerodynamic forces applied to the test vehicle during the module’s motion.


Key figures

  • Installation time: ~15mn.
  • Measurement time: ~25mn.
  • Post-processing time: <1mn.
  • Over 10 tested production cars in the data base.


  • Evaluate the tested vehicle among the data base.
  • Totally describe the typical aerodynamic instability that occurs during the passing manoeuvre.
  • Bring potential technical improvements to tested vehicles.
Sensibilité des véhicules au dépassement
Sensibilité des véhicules au dépassement