Soufflerie aérodynamique échelle 1
Full Scale Wind Tunnel

One of the best aerodynamic and acoustic wind tunnel in the world

Soufflerie aérodynamique échelle 2/5
40% Model Wind Tunnel

Used in the early phases of development before transposition in the large wind tunnel

Comparatif de souffleries
Full scale WT vs Model WT

Compare every technical data of our wind tunnels

The aerodynamic and aeroacoustic wind tunnel S2A is
Partner of leading brands in the automotive industry

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Classic aerodynamic testing devices

5 belts aerodynamic balance, Wall pressure sensors, Wall flow visualization (S2A paint), Laser flow visulization, Upstream car wake simulation device, Grid turbulence generator, …

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PIV – Particle Image Velocimetry

Particle Image Velocimetry, commonly called PIV, is an optical measurement technique that provides instantaneous velocity vectors in a flow field

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Pressure and 3D velocity measurements in the traverser’s controlled volume: air pressure and velocity measurement.

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Full scale overtaking manoeuvres simulation device

Simulate the presence of a tractor trailer truck on the line next to the tested car.

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Free ride height test model installation

The usual installation of a test vehicle equipped with shock absorbers being stiff, its pitch and ride height are fully controlled and determined during the aerodynamic forces measurement.

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Aerodynamic braking test device

Local wind speed and pressure measurement in the brake caliper area with a mini anemocline 7hole probe.

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