GIE S2A’s history

The Constitution of Economic Interest Grouping aeroacoustic wind tunnels Automobiles – GIE S2A was signed on 14th March 2001 by three partners of GIE: PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault SA and CNAM.

GIE S2A was operational in 2003 and has been ensuring the operation of the two wind tunnels since this year. The performance of this experimentation method immediately places GIE S2A among the best in the world.

Since, S2A invest annually to maintain permanently using the highest level of technology and offer new services to research laboratories and industry.

Including: PIV (2005), acoustic gantry (2009), acoustic module (2011).

In recent years, S2A are opened to other industrial sectors and provide services to customers from various fields: construction, wind energy, aeronautic, naval.