3D scanning service

S2A wind tunnels propose a new 3D scanning service to their customers: In a quality goal in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and tracability, S2A teams are trained to the front end Nikon Metrology K-Scan MMDx200 system on disposal in the facilities, in teh full respect of confidentiality rules. This new feature can be implemented during a pre booked test session or aside in a workshop (according to availability).

Main specifications:

  • Fast installation
  • Every non transparent surface is scannable without any preparation
  • 0.2mm accuracy
  • CAD comparison post processing (Nominal CAD file to be provided by customer)
  • Common industrial formats exports

scan_3d_s11Full Scale Wind Tunnel scan of an automotive vehicle

2015-04-30_export_comparaison_3cn2_focusPost processing example: comparision with loaded reference CAD file

montage_photos_systeme_releve_3DImplementation in a S2A workshop